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What is branding?

It's just colours, fonts and logos right? Nope.  That is the bits that people notice but branding is so much more than that.  

You know when you read some marketing and it feels like they are talking directly to you? That is because the person writing it is super clear on who they are, who they are talking to (you!) and what problem they are helping you solve.  They properly understand their brand.  

Once you get your branding nailed, there is no need to worry about "competition" as there is only one you.  You don't need to (and shouldn't try to) be everything to everyone -  you only need to attract your dream clients who LOVE to work with you.  How good is that?! 

Don't get me wrong, your visual identity (colours, fonts, logos etc) is also important as you want your marketing to be consistent and instantly recognisable but it needs to sit on top of a solid branding foundation. 

Not sure how to go about it?  Well, luckily that's where I come in.

My branding package

I use a very collaborative approach as you know your brand the best.  My job is to ask you the right questions to help you boil it all down and to develop your visual identity.  This is what we do:

1) Define your brand

We schedule 4 x 1 Hr Zoom Calls where I take you through the process of defining your:

  • Personal, Professional and Online goals
  • Target Audience - who are you talking to and how do you want them to feel?
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Manifesto - Your WHY 
  • Photoshoot prep - colour palette, styling, props, locations, formats, shots (if required)

2) Brand book

After our branding calls, I will create your A4 personalised brand book which you can use for all your marketing materials and briefing external team members (this is where the logos, colours and fonts come in!)

  • Target audience - A description of your dream client 
  • Brand Personality - 5 keywords to describe what makes you special
  • Brand Manifesto - A 1 liner on what you do, for who and WHY (great to print out and keep next to your desk for those days when you need a little reminder)
  • Mood board - What your brand looks and feels like
  • Brand board - Your personalised logo, colours, fonts, patterns/ textures, design elements

3) Social Media Templates

You are going to want to make sure you new visual identity is reflected across everything you do, starting with your social media posts.  Using Canva, I create your branded social media templates for whichever platforms you use.  

For example:

  • Facebook - cover,  profile, posts x 2
  • Instagram - profile, posts x 2
  • Twitter - posts

I also give you training on how to use your Canva templates so you feel confident to start using them.  

What you don't get 

Photography isn't included so you need to factor that in if you need new photos shot.  Photographers vary wildly in price and I can recommend a few for UK based folks.  


Lets do it!


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Next steps

(Can you tell I like things in 3s!).  

Step 1) 

Book in a free discovery call to ask questions and decide if we are the right fit for eachother.  

Step 2) 

Once we have decided we want to work together, your next step is to make payment using one of the options below.

Full payment

The full payment for the 2 month branding package is £797

Monthly instalments

If you prefer to spread the cost, you can pay in 3 x monthly instalments of £297.

Step 3) 

Once you have made payment and signed my Terms of Service, I'll send you a link to book in our first session and start your branding journey!



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